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Arts, Culture & History

Warner Mountain Weavers    [edit]   [report abuse]

Exquisite yarns and textiles from local Navaho Churro Sheep. Check the website for shows, classes, and workshops.

Modoc Forum    [edit]   [report abuse]

Surprise Valley Writers' Conference, Plein Air Workshop, Mountain Thunder Festival

Cemeteries in Modoc County    [edit]   [report abuse]

A great source of historical information about past residents of Surprise Valley.

Eagleville Saloon    [edit]   [report abuse]

"History of Surprise Valley through photos and sharing" reads the description for this popular valley site, which is active and abundantly fascinating! It's a Facebook page, but you can look around without Facebook membership.

Lea Huetteman Photography    [edit]   [report abuse]

Extraordinary photos of Surprise Valley landscapes and wildlife. Prints, canvases, and cards available at Wholesome Goodness Mercantile in Cedarville.


Surprise Valley Chamber of Commerce    [edit]   [report abuse]

Lots of information about the valley. The Business Directory includes links to most Valley businesses. The Events page includes major events in and near the Valley.

Surprise! Cafe    [edit]   [report abuse]

Coffee house with light breakfast and lunch. Community hub. Wifi. Info.

The Spaza Shop    [edit]   [report abuse]

Handknits by owner and Unique products, mostly from African countries as well as from India, Nepal and others. The focus is entirely on Fair Trade - fair pay for work - and items are often fashioned from scrap materials from factories, grasses found around villages and recycled materials found in the environment. Buying their goods is a constructive, dignified way to contribute to lives that would otherwise have no form of income. From baskets to keychains, beads and baubles to handmade baby clothes.......besides all that, its FUN!

Wholesome Goodness Mercantile Co.    [edit]   [report abuse]

Lots of treasures here!

Floating Island Books    [edit]   [report abuse]

New and Used Books, Rare and Collectible, First Editions, Maps, Photography, Located in the Cressler-Bonner building in downtown Cedarville across from the Country Hearth restaurant. Irregular hours, open late mornings and afternoons most days from April through December. Closed most of the time during the winter months of January, February, and March. Books sold online as well. Floating Island Publications is the imprint for all publishing concerns, with 54 titles in print as of May 1, 2016. A new catalog is forthcoming this summer.

Lake City Mill & Mercantile    [edit]   [report abuse]

Lake City Mill & Mercantile is inspired by the Victorian era and the American frontier West. The shop is centered around Victorian Arts & Crafts: quilting fabrics, needlework, all things made from flowers and herbs (such as lotions, herbal infusions, potpourri) along with delicious and unique canned goods. Don't forget to see our handmade fairy houses! Visit us in the back of Wholesome Goodness Mercantile.

Discussion Forums

Surprise Valley Bulletin Board    [edit]   [report abuse]

Requires Facebook account to view.


Surprise Valley Joint Unified School District    [edit]   [report abuse]

Food & Farming

Locavore Farms in Fort Bidwell    [edit]   [report abuse]

Seasonal U-Pick deliciousness grown with love, year-round rambunctiousness in collaboration with nature. Check it out for a real-life visit, or stop by their Facebook page:

Surprise Valley Saturday Market    [edit]   [report abuse]

Home page for our beloved farmer's market. The facebook page is updated more frequently:

High Tunnel Greenhouse Users Group    [edit]   [report abuse]

This group of people who are using or interested in using high tunnels (hoophouses) meets about quarterly at different farms in and around Surprise Valley. You can also sign up for their email newsletter or head to their Facebook page, which is linked on their web site.


Official Modoc County Website    [edit]   [report abuse]

Modoc County Library's home page    [edit]   [report abuse]

Modoc County Library's online catalog    [edit]   [report abuse]

Use this site to browse the collection across all four library branches. Log in using your library card number as your login, and the last 4 digits of your card number as your password -- put items on hold, request them to be brought to Cedarville branch for your pickup, even renew items from home!

Library To Go -- Downloadable e-Book Collection    [edit]   [report abuse]

Modoc National Forest web page    [edit]   [report abuse]

Modoc County parcel maps & ownership information    [edit]   [report abuse]

From this link, click on 'maps' at the bottom, then accept Parcelquest's Terms & Conditions, and you will be brought to a database where you can search by parcel number or by street address, and see a map/aerial photo of the parcel you search for, and also contact information for the listed owner.

Medical & Veterinary

Surprise Valley Hospital    [edit]   [report abuse]

Modoc Veterinary Center    [edit]   [report abuse]

Modoc Vet's website. For information on the Surprise Valley vet's office, click on "Satellite Clinics" on the left side of their page.

Real Estate

Modoc County Multiple Listings    [edit]   [report abuse]

Courtesy of website.

Cressler and Bonner Bldg.    [edit]   [report abuse]

Travel & Lodgings

The Cottage at Winjes Farm    [edit]   [report abuse]

Delightful fully equipped, restored Pioneer cottage. Own bathroom and kitchen. Bed & Breakfast, unlimited access to organic garden in season. No smoking, no pets. Seventeen miles North of Cedarville on Winje's Farm.

Fort Bidwell Hotel    [edit]   [report abuse]

Historic country inn, recently refurbished.


Modoc Classifieds Facebook    [edit]   [report abuse]

Requires Facebook account to access and group approval to join.

Pacific Power    [edit]   [report abuse]

Surprise Valley Electrification Company    [edit]   [report abuse]

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