Hello Surprise Valley!

SurpriseValley.org was created to help those of us who live in or visit this amazing place communicate important things, like who has eggs for sale or a service to offer, or who needs what, or what's happening when. Plus, it's intended to publicize other websites for and about the Valley and encourage lively, neighborly discussion. So please look around, and add to the content! It's all FREE!

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SurpriseValley.org was created by a resident feeling somewhat isolated during the snowy winter of 2015-16 and not often able to get to the bulletin board at Page's to see what's going on. Consider SurpriseValley.org the valley's online version of that bulletin board. Hey, you can be in the comfort of home and not worry about blocking a public doorway.

Posting here is free, though we want to keep postings regional. So before you post anything the first time, we'll ask a few questions in the hopes of weeding out the mass marketers and spammers and stuff that has nothing to do with those of us who live or visit here.

Most everything posted has a little icon like this Problem image next to it. If the item doesn't belong here or is otherwise objectionable, clicking that icon will automatically remove the item from future views of the page, and send it for review.

The usefulness of this site depends on you. The more people who add content, the more useful the site becomes, and this may take some time.

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